Monday, 6 March 2017

RAFM Hunter

Back here I showed my first clean up of my Hunter Commando, and now I've moved onto the next RAFM Gear and tidied everything up, as can be evidenced by the picture of what it looked like when it arrived.

What I learnt during this assembly was how easy it is to misidentify parts.  After stripping all the models I received I thought I had correctly sorted out all the bits, but to my chagrin I hadn't.  I had put the Jaguar torso with the Hunter legs, which in and of itself is no big deal, until it came time to assemble the missile pod.  Then I found it wouldn't tight fit, and put it down to the way I had positioned the backpack.

I disassembled the model and reassembled it and got everything fitted, though the missile pod was still a tight fit, and was finishing off the model when I received a package containing a squad of Desert Sharks.

Wouter Wolput, a reader of my blog who lives in Belgium, very generously offered me his unwanted squad of Gears for the cost of the postage.  Thank you again for parting with them.  Most appreciated.

So, I was checking out the models and comparing them to the next Gear I have waiting to be cleaned up, an Assault Hunter.  I then noticed that Hunters have a slightly different torso to Jaguars.  Big doh moment!

So I had to disassemble my Hunter once more and clean up the correct torso, and start assembling it for the third time.

Thankfully, as you can see, all done now.


  1. I had similar issues with misplaced and later on loose bits. Iirc I assembled a jaguar and wondered why the butt plate didn't fit right to the torso before realizing it was a hunter musical in my blister. The similarity in gears compared with blitz is both (mostly) a blessing at that scale and to a much lesser extent an occasional modelling curse. I like the round rockets on your models in the pic but they just feel odd to me on my own models. Weird...

    1. Yeah, it is weird that I like the Northern Guard RAFM Gears more than the Southern, but prefer the Blitz Southern over the Northern.

      Spooky weirdness.

    2. Sorry about the autocorrect errors and double post when pecking away on my phone; I thought I had caught all the faux corrections. Uggh.. that's painful to read. Hunter "musical"... I think that was originally "mispack".

      I do agree that the Northern Gears were better looking at that scale. I was primarily a Northern player at that time (although I did also collect southern models that I simply liked such as the Support Cobra) so I may be a bit retro-biased in that regard. :)

    3. Sing it one more time with feeling? A Heavy Gear musical.

  2. It's been my pleasure Ashley!
    Happy painting!

    1. Thank you, I'm looking forward to priming this at the weekend.