Saturday 17 February 2018

World of Drei

I'm not sure which is my favourite wargaming obsession cybertanks or real robots. Certainly cybertanks were the first to take root in my imagination, but I suspect I've played more games with giant stompy robots in them.

Either way, I like to design my own.

I've shown my custom mecha models her, and Ogre cybertank proxies too. But now, now I'm moving towards designing my own cybertank design. Discounting in a few words all the work that went into OHMU Warmachine, but that's the past, my present need is for the look of the Panzer Jaeger Mark One.

The above is a quick sketch.

Oh yeah, You can get Terror Tree for free on the Kindle until the nineteenth.

Tuesday 13 February 2018

Mission One - Now Available


I uploaded Mission One, and Amazon comes through in record time.

Seventh Company's Lieutenant Morozova and Sergeant Rozhkov face an enemy that knows no fear, cannot be reasoned with, and does not stop until destroyed. On the verge of defeat, win or die, they must fight.

The first story of a future Russian civil war set in the World of Drei universe, "Mission One" tells of the desperate fight for survival against an enemy cybertank.

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Thursday 8 February 2018

MARPACE First Squad Primed

Taken with my Olympus 7-14mm F2.8 Pro, at 7mm, F8, 1.3 secs, ISO 200. Crop from 64 megapixel Hi-Res shot.

And beside doing K'kree Centaurs,  I've also gotten one MARPACE squad primed and black lining done for the shadows. These are the Clear Horizon 15mm Epsilon base and heavy support squads miniatures, which are absolutely gorgeous miniatures.

Finding time, or more to the point when I have a spare hour I don't always have the inclination to paint, so things are going very slowly on my work bench. And, at this point, I seem to be in that 'everything is in the process of being finished' rather than things are finished. There's probably a German word to describe this state of being.

And for those of you who don't follow my writing blog, it's the writing and publishing that has taken up all my time. Currently, I'm writing what started off as a short story about a cybertank, which is turned into s series of novelettes about what I'm calling the second Russian civil war, set circa 2038.

It has cybertanks, power armour, General Winter, vodka, and depression. I jest, it's all fun.

Thursday 1 February 2018

K'Kree Primed

Taken with my new Olympus 7-14mm F2.8 Pro, at 7mm, F8, 1.3 secs, ISO 200. Crop from 64 megapixel Hi-Res shot.

As I have alluded, in other posts, my time at the workbench painting models has had to be sacrificed for the greater good cough–my writing–cough. But, it's Xmas, and while I've still been working on the cover for my first novel, I've managed to get a few models one step closer towards completion. These old Martian Metals K'Kree have been primed and lined black for the shadows just now need me to decide what colour to paint them.

I'm thinking orange, because orange is the new black, or so I'm told.