Sunday 15 April 2012

Olympus 2012


I was at the British national science fiction convention over Easter and guess what, they had members of the cast from Game of Thrones and the Author George R. R. Martin in attendance. Couldn't resist the pose.

With TFL about to bring out a Dark Age skirmish game that promises to be suitable for fantasy skirmishes, I may be tempted. OTOH, perhaps not, given the backlog of painting and my current lack of will to paint anything.

However, I will be ordering the Blue-ray Game of Thrones set sometime soon, but not this month as I'm too pressed with road tax and MOT bills to come.

Saturday 14 April 2012

Young MechWarrior


Last time I saw my Godson Dylan he asked me to play a game of MechWarrior with him, which I duly did. It is amazing how rusty one gets with even a simple set of rules, but after a couple of turns most of it came back for both of us.

It reminded me how much I enjoy playing games, and how little I get to play them.

I emailed my gang of players asking to tell me dates for the next game that suits them. Not heard anything back yet. I'm also really excited to see that Ogre 6E from SJG is good-to-go too. I see this new edition very much as a Xmas present for me, and perhaps when Dylam comes to visit I will introduce him to Ogre too.

Wednesday 4 April 2012

Four Months

The last four months have been a bit of a drudge.  I'm currently on one month fixed term contracts since Xmas, and I'm struggling at times not to lose the plot.

However, I've started the ball rolling for getting the next campaign game arranged.

I've been looking at my unpainted lead mountain, and it doesn't look too bad.  I'm even looking forward to Justicar's resin Monster MAC mecha arriving in a few weeks.  So, I'm back, and posts will restart.

After all I've got the last planning session to write up, if nothing else, to do.