Monday 23 October 2017

Third World Future Tank

These models are from the Takara micro-tank range.  They're a 1/144th scale Russian T95s, more properly called Object 195, because it never reached production status, as it was cancelled in 2010 due to budget problems.

Given that Russian tanks have a look to them, my idea was to use this model as the basis for a near future Third World tank, if only because it's an easy way of plonking something down on the table for a game.

Of course saying that means I'll probably want to customize these a bit, to jazz them up and make them look more futuristic.  Haven't decided what this will entail yet, but you know me, when I do I will post pictures.

Monday 9 October 2017

Bad Dog

I've made the decision that I'm too old to waste any more of my life waiting for replies from traditional publishing houses about my novel.  It has been two years, with one reply back, which was promising but, as they say, close but no cigar.  The thought of waiting another two years to not hear back from editors who requested to see my work, or getting a nice rejection, because no one understands how to sell my work, is not on.

So, I have a choice.  Give up or self-publish.

The answer is, never give up, never surrender.

This picture is by the talented artist Elartwyne Estole whose work can be seen here.  I asked him to do a cover, and he came up with this sketch, which I think is awesome.  The current plan is to have Bad Dog out by January the first 2018.

We shall see how the plan survives contact with reality in due course.

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