Thursday 28 April 2022

OMWB: Combat Androids

And here are the figures for my North American Confederation androids. These are Ral Partha Europe Blockhead mercenaries, which in my mind capture the look of the robots from Elysium.

These are ready for painting, but I want to finish the rest of my current mecha conversions before starting because I only have room on my workbench to make or paint, and I know how to easy it is to spend time clearing models to switch between each.

So that's all for now. Catch you on the bounce.

Tuesday 26 April 2022

OMWB: WIP Progress Running CASE-2XC-Mod-2

Work on this project is progressing slowly. The conversion has generated a few surprising challenges.

The first problem being from reversing the orientation of the backpack. I chose to have my mecha backpacks to have the engine cylinders facing down, because my feeling is it's better to lower the center of gravity.

This meant I have to add the butt plate to the lower body.

This required some radical surgery and sculpting to fill the holes from the supporting rods, and the gap created from angling the butt plate.

I've now got to make the weapons to mount on the backpack, and attach an autocannon to the right arm before I can begin applying paint.