Saturday 6 July 2019

Summer is Here


And it is hot. Well, yesterday was, but today will be cooler. Still not doing much model-making because I've been out shooting arrows at straw butts. I like to think of this as one-to-one scale wargaming or perhaps LARPing might be a better description. Sure is fun when one gets an arrow in the gold.

Been rewatching a bunch of TV shows. The sort that  make for good RPG scenarios. Fringe is all about a team investigating "The Pattern" caused... well that would be spoilers. But mad/crazy science that carries one along, and a rich source for games.

Equally crazy/mad science is the time traveling show 12 Monkeys. Inspired by the movie, this show is a wild ride through the various time travel tropes that is inspired by great SF stories of the past. Well worth watching, and again ripe for a referee looking for plot twists.

And now we've started a rewatch of Primeval. Dinosaurs and hyper dimensional time portals. What's not to like?