Wednesday, 20 August 2014

19th August: Blog'ish 5th Birthday Huzzah

Another year, and only one day late in marking another milestone, or should that be millstone for this blog?  You can blame LonCon 3, as I was at the 72nd World SF convention all weekend schmoozing with friends and fellow writers, promoting myself by being on panels.  I'm paying the price now as I fight off a chest infection.  Oh noes, gurgles as alien bursts out of my chest, kind of thing.  You can read all about the great time I had over on my other blog, here.

OK this post celebrates five years of me writing this blog.  Over the past year I seem to have been totally focused on Ogre, which given that my intent was to be a BattleTech blog is rather ironic, doubly so since I was seduced into playing Heavy Gear.  But a they say That's Life.

I also succumbed to Hawk Wargames who offered me a discount at LonCon 3 and bought a box of their new Resistance starter army.  What can I say?  Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.  They were also very nice to me and made flattering comments about my recent Ogre article too.  Top guys.  It was therefore heartening to hear at the end of WorldCon that they had done good, and that it had been worth their while to attend.  Awesome I say.

Oh yeah, forgot to add this, so late addition.  This was the promo for LonCon 3, exciting or what?

So thank you one and all for taking the time to read my blog, and leaving comments.  Remember I live for the comments, as they are what makes blogging fun; talking to friends about the hobby.  So here's to another year.

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