Thursday 16 February 2023

OMWB: CASE-2X Mod-1 Kneeling Conversion


Above is the start of my next radical conversion, which is using a Desert Sharks Hunter as the reference to make a kneeling version of a RAFM Jager. First step was to cut apart a standing Jager.

 I have a few spare old RAFM Heavy Gear random parts that I scooped up as job lots of mismatched models.

After a lot of sawing, some drilling, filing, and a casting of Hunter foot I started assembling the parts for a kneeling CASE-2X Dog. 

Oh yeah, I had to carve out the other leg, which a bit of a faff. My wrists hurt after doing it. The other original foot wasn't such a chore, and now I'm ready to bring all the parts together.

Two views to show what I have to sculpt to complete the conversion.

That's a lot of volume that needs filling with Milliput to make the model whole again. That knee joint is alone is going to take some careful sculpting.

And I also found that the assembly wasn't as rigid as I would like it to be. Therefore I added a reinforcing bar, which I would have to do before basing the model. So no big deal.

That's all for now. More work to follow.

Catch you all the bounce.

Thursday 9 February 2023

Russian Commonwealth Infantry

These are using the same colour palette to go with my walkers that a posted here.

And another two jump-off marker for my SF version Chain-of-Command games.

And that's it until later.

Thursday 2 February 2023

K'Kree Finished

Only a year from the last post showing the start of painting these, and five years from priming them, to now finishing these my Martian Metals K'Kree.

This must count as one of the longest lead pile to completion in the hobby, given that Martian Metals went out of business in the mid-eighties, and I acquired these in 1984.