Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Weapons Panopoly


I can't tell you how insanely happy it makes me to have some old RAFM Heavy Gear weapon packs arrive. I just had to array my collection in front of my ongoing RAFM conversions for everyone to see. Look at my weapon stash!

Taht's all. Stay safe, stay well, catch you all on the bounce.

Saturday, 23 May 2020

Lock Down Update

Still need to add an ammo belt for the rotary cannon on the Buster.
I've been distracted by stuff. The lock-down for a start. I mean it's hard not to be affected by changes that are affecting the whole world.

Now the missile pod is drilled out.

To be more specific, posting has been delayed, not unexpected, has meant I've been waiting for parts to carry on model making. Yeah, that's that a weak sauce excuse, but distractions. So here's just some pictures showing work completed (mostly).


So to all my friends, keep safe and stay well.

Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Combat Armour Build: Dog and Ape WIP 2


Another week, this time progress was slowed down again due to the amount of fiddling required to clean up the castings: in this case to make things square that looked square, but weren't square–in this case the butt plate of the mech above.

The problem only came to light when I  found that the torso with the back pack attached didn't look centered. It was then that I discovered the X-indentation marking the center of the butt plate wasn't.

Who would have thought that a tiny amount of asymmetry could be so troubling?

However, I'm pretty pleased with the repose on the model above has turned out.

Below, you can see I managed to break the bazooka casting. Fortunately, this is from the current 1/144th scale range, so I have spares in case anything worse happens.

For those who might ask why use the smaller bazooka? Have you seen the size of the originals: they're ginormous–totally over-the-top humongous weapons.


So,  I only managed to get this far with assembling these two mechs before I had to call it a day, as supper was being served.

Monday, 6 April 2020

Combat Armour Build: Dog and Ape WIP 1


Okay, here are my next two builds.

The model on the left is a Marine CASE-2X Dog, which is going to have a missile pack, rifle and sustained fire machine gun. The casting were pretty skanky, so I ended cutting the legs apart so I could clean out the misshapen excess lead.

The model on the right is an Army CAS-1-Mod-3 Ape, which is is going to have a missile pack, a M75A 40mm recoilless autocannon, and a M134 minigun. Basically another version of Espera's ride from Strike Dog

You can see what I did in the pictures below.

I don't know if the RAFM Jager had alternative leg castings; either way the space between the knee and thigh were just blobs of lead. So I chopped the legs off.

Yes, I know no fear...

Once everything was cut and cleaned up, I drilled and put in pins to hold all the parts together when glued. I bent up some wire staples to provide a robust point to fix the model to its base.


Having cut the joints I was able to bend the wire that pinned the parts together and do quite a nice repose of the legs.

And as you can see I've also split the butt plate off from the backpack casting.

A lot of fiddling around to get these castings licked into shape, hence still a work in progress. More next week. Stay safe, catch you all on the bounce.

Monday, 30 March 2020

Keith & Pearson's CA Suits: Build Finished


Took me longer than I expected to finish both this mech. I had to fabricate a replacement claw as that part was missing from my model, so I used a part from a BattleTech mech.

I replaced the previous large grenade launcher from the current Dream Pod 9 range with an original large grenade launcher from RAFM, as Pearson's supposed to mix it up more than Keith.

I'm still vacillating over how to add a mortar to Pearson's suit or not?

Here's Keith's fully finished suit.


You can see I've rounded off the the previously exposed magnets that allow the arms to pivot. And you can see the small machine gun mounted on the left arm, and compare the size of the grenade launcher to the one on Pearson's suit.

I also added some details to the back. Spare wheels and camo netting. So that's it for another week. You all stay safe during the crisis, catch you on the bounce.

Monday, 23 March 2020

Pearson's CA Suit: WIP 3


Here's Pearson's CAS-1-Mod-3EV ride, almost finished, but not quite done. It took quite a lot of fettling and filing to make the crane swing arm, which still needs a bit more work as I have to fabricate a claw.

Once that's done, then I have to figure out how I want to attach the parts for a mortar to this mech. Not sure whether to have the mortar permanently mounted to the back, or have it as a replacement for the crane arm?

Let me know if you have any other ideas in the comments.

Stay safe, have fun.