Monday 31 October 2022

Painting WIP of Current Projects

I've been painting this weekend. I've managed to take these one step closer to being finished, but no matter what I seem to do, my progress is slower than snail snot. Above is the Marine commander's CASE-2XC Dog combat armor suit (what I call the mecha in my novels).

This is inspired by the VOTOMS Burglary Dog variant that I like.

It's converted from the running pose that came in the RAFM Southern Azure Devils. The backpack is from Long Fang Black Mamba, modified with twin comms (red tipped protrusions).

Above is the other Marine CASE-2X Dog combat armor suit I've been working on. Not seen is the ammo chute for the rotary cannon, or the missile pack that will go on the left shoulder.

Below shows the Army Ape CAS-1-Mod-1EV combat engineering suit. Again, not showing the swing arm because I forgot to put into into the picture.

And finally, three red team jump off points.

So, slowly getting there. I hope to get these finished soon, and then begin using them for some more play-testing of the rules I'm working on.

I have lots of ideas, and things I want to do, but time seems to slip by me faster than a very fast thing.

Monday 24 October 2022

A Robot That Walks, Flies, Skateboards, Slacklines

Okay, caught this, as one does, and I'm now retconning this as the reason d'être for the Chinese FATC mecha that appeared in my first novel, Bad Dog. I mean, we all know that the Chinese like to copy stuff, and this seems like something nifty...

Anyway, that's my good reason.

If you listen to the video they also suggest this application for space robots!

Wednesday 19 October 2022

Big Little Wars: Post 8 - Asymmetrical Battles of Tomorrow 1

This post is the start of a number of articles describing what makes Big Little Wars different, or unique from, all the other SF wargames out there for players to choose from. I mean, why bother getting my rules rather than say, Warhammer 40K, BattleTech, or Heavy Gear?

They're all clearly SF wargames that feature mecha in some shape or form. And you all know I love mecha.

One word, plausibility; with an emphasis on command and control.

All right, three words: plausibility, command, and control; in a near future setting. 

Okay that's actually five words: plausibility, command, control, near future setting.

Enough of the Monty Python routine, what about the science!? 

I mean it's science fiction, otherwise it would just be historical wargaming dressed up with science-fictional buzz words. In other words, a game that lacks any awesomely mind-boggling futuristic science; just the same as every other SF game on the market. Yeah, I hear you, dragons, or insert X here, are cool!

But, there are already a plethora of future-science-is-magic wargames, and therefore my rules may not be for you.

Still, any advanced science will be indistinguishable from magic, unless you understand the science. Therefore, the rules will exploit advance science that appears to be magic, but which isn't magic. Okay?

Is it going to be Vietnam in space; just another bug hunt, ma'am?

No it's not.

Come and see me later for some attitude correction. Or read the rest of this post, or both. Give me twenty... 

Seriously, no.

The aim of the rules is to provide plausible, playable, combine arms wargames with Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR). Yep that's sixteen words. You can see why I didn't lead with that.

The 'how of the game' is built on the foundations from Too Fat Lardies Chain-of-Command rules.

Specifically on how to manage the command and control. However, the combat resolution system does not involve buckets of dice (a personal bugbear of mine; though a perfectly valid choice).

But, on top of that the rules will provide players with guidelines to create an army, and encourages players to play with their favourite models, whatever figures size they have can be accommodated.

Other points to bear in mind, there will be mechanisms that treat the meta (no not that meta, the other meta*) of toy soldier wargames.

The current draft of Big Little Wars has turned some preconceptions about seeing where a model is on the table versus where the it actually is i.e: the playing table is just a map showing where the players sensors think everything is. This beds the game into the whole Fog-of-War, and emphasizes the asymmetrical nature of the battles of tomorrow. 

This is also me taking a leaf out of quantum mechanics.

Yep, I've said the Q word (quantum voodoo is cool), and by using a scientific concept of uncertainty. Until an object is measured (attacked) the location of the model is uncertain, which adds a science fictional feature to the game.

So, that's all for now, catch y'all on the bounce.

*Meta Notes

Traditional meaning beyond, after, or “behind e.g: metaphysics (beyond or after physics).

Wargaming acronym i.e: Maximally Effective Tactics Available.

Modern accepted use of meta means information about information e.g: metadata, or in this case what the position of a toy soldiers when placed on the tabletop actually represents (its information).

Wednesday 5 October 2022

More Tufts for the Tuft God!

And now I've gone back and added tufts to my insurgent force, and in a stroke of madness, re-based some of my exoskeleton power armor and enlarging my American MARPACE platoon.

It is the way.

This is also good because I have had thoughts that will improve the rules I've been working on. So expect an article or two on Big Little Wars in the near future.