Monday 30 March 2020

Keith & Pearson's CA Suits: Build (Mostly) Finished

Took me longer than I expected to finish both this mech. I had to fabricate a replacement claw as that part was missing from my model, so I used a part from a BattleTech mech.

I replaced the previous large grenade launcher from the current Dream Pod 9 range with an original large grenade launcher from RAFM, as Pearson's supposed to mix it up more than Keith.

I'm still vacillating over how to add a mortar to Pearson's suit or not?

Here's Keith's fully finished suit.

You can see I've rounded off the the previously exposed magnets that allow the arms to pivot. And you can see the small machine gun mounted on the left arm, and compare the size of the grenade launcher to the one on Pearson's suit.

I also added some details to the back. Spare wheels and camo netting. So that's it for another week. You all stay safe during the crisis, catch you on the bounce.

* Mostly, as in before I revised the stowage and magnetized the joints.

Monday 23 March 2020

WIP 3: Pearson's CA Suit

Here's Pearson's CAS-1-Mod-3EV ride, almost finished, but not quite done. It took quite a lot of fettling and filing to make the crane swing arm, which still needs a bit more work as I have to fabricate a claw.

Once that's done, then I have to figure out how I want to attach the parts for a mortar to this mech. Not sure whether to have the mortar permanently mounted to the back, or have it as a replacement for the crane arm?

Let me know if you have any other ideas in the comments.

Stay safe, have fun.

Monday 16 March 2020

WIP 2: Keith & Pearson's CA Suits

Corpsman Keith's Dog still a bit of cleaning up to do, as in adding Milliput to fill gaps etc., but otherwise done (mostly as I have a thought about articulating the claw arms). It's the way I roll.

Quite a lot of fiddly work on articulating the lift arm meant that I didn't get Pearson's suit finished. I still haven't decided if I'm adding a mortar to Pearson's ride, it kind of makes sense that a combat engineer suit would, but not sure where I'm going to mount it.

Here's a close-up of a couple of parts I'm still working on. The two that I haven't identified are bottom center of the picture. I think they may have been part of the open canopy frame, which I decided not to go with, though perhaps I should've?

And yes the boom arm will not only pivot, but also extend (assuming I can figure out how to limit the movement range to prevent it from falling out?).

Tuesday 3 March 2020

WIP 1: Keith & Pearson's CA Suits:


I've started on the next two RAFM Heavy Gear conversions.

To the left is Corpsman Keith's Dog (Dispersed Operation and Guidance System), CASE-2X-M (Combat Armor Suit Environment Dash Mark 2 eXtreme, with Medical back pack).

On the right is Sergeant Pearson's Ape: Autonomous Pilot Expert (system), CAS-1-Mod-3EV (Combat Armour System Dash Mark 1 Dash Model 3 Engineering Variant).

Pearson's suit is in my next novel, Two Moons, which currently runs in at 34,000 words.

Keith's suit will appear in Red Dogs, which is some way off in the future, but I like to visualize what the main characters use for my stories as it helps me think up cool scenes of them doing exciting stuff.