Wednesday, 1 March 2017

RAFM Hunter Commando

And here it is, painted, decals applied and varnished.  A classic real robot anime scheme inspired by the VOTOMS show.

Also, I'd like to add an observation about size and scale, one of my hobby horses.

This model, measured to the top of the head, stands 43.5mm.  That's 1 and 11/16ths (correcting typo) of an inch for my American readers.  In 1/87th scale, 3.5mm to the foot, this means the model represents a Gear that stands at 12.42 feet.  The current Blitz 1/144th scale, 2.12mm to the foot, and my Hunter stands at around 28mm, which is 13.2 feet.  And just as a comparison a slightly larger Blitz Gear like the Mamba stands at 34mm, which is 16.04 feet tall.

Funnily enough the RAFM Hunter, if treated as a 1/100th scale model, which is 3mm to the foot would stand 14.5 feet tall in real life.  So everybody is right when they say these models are suitable for 15mm wargaming, because they are.

I found  some pictures from the RAFM catalogue Heavy Gear Northern Guard online, with a list of all the models issued.  Those listed in bold are those I've managed to get hold of.  Still looking for a model of the Kodiak for my collection just because I like it.

Hunter 1200
Assault Hunter 1201
Jaguar 1202
Strike Jaguar 1203

Cheetah 1204
Strike Cheetah 1205
Grizzly 1206
Assault Grizzly 1207 (since posting acquired)*

Hunter Commando 1208
Bricklayer 1209
Fire Jaguar 1210

Rabid Grizzly 1211

Kodiak 1212 

White Cat 1213 (since posting acquired)*
Light Artillery 1214 (since posting acquired)*

1215 Number apparently not used

Sniper Infantry 1216 
(not shown)
Recon Infantry 1217 

(not shown)
Standard Infantry 1218 

Heavy Infantry 1219 

1315 Number apparently not used
Black Cat 1221 

(not shown)
Armored Hunter1222 

(not shown)
Cheetah Fang 1223 

(not shown)
Hunter Recon 1224 

(not shown)
Crossbow Grizzly 1225 

(not shown)
Predator Jaguar 1226 

(not shown)
White Cat EWH 1227 

(not shown)
Black Claw 1228 

(not shown)
Kodiak Destroyer 1229 
(not shown)
"Desert Sharks" Box 2050 

Mammoth Strider 2052 

(not shown)
Assault Mammoth 2053 

(not shown) (since posting acquired)*
Klemm tank 2055 
(not shown)

So my plan now is to make up my standard Hunter next, and then the assault Hunter and a Jaguar so I can field a four Gear squad.  After that I'll make up a squad of Southern Gears then it's either the Cheetah or Bricklayer: the former is missing its butt-plate and the latter is missing its claw, so both models will need to have new parts fabricated.

Day by day my RAFM Gear Force proceeds to grow ever larger.  Muwuhuhahaha!

NB:  Since posting this I've acquired several new additions to what I'm now calling my Project Gear Force.


  1. Very well done, he looks fabulous.
    The decals really make this model look more realistic and complement the militaristic colourscheme well.
    One thing I find a bit puzzling is the fact the head looks very much like the one from a Jaeger.

    1. I know the answer, or I do now after asking on the Dream Pod 99 Facebook page. The Desert Sharks were the first of the named regiments and have the newer Mark 2 Hunter with other fluff modifications made to them for use in deserts.

    2. And, the head of the Hunters is closer to the heads on the Blitz 1/144th scale models that they now do, and you can still get the older heads as an add on in the Northern weapons pack.

  2. Good looking mecha. Are there specific game rules you have in mind for these?

    Also, a minor correction to your post: 43.5mm is closer to 1 & 3/4 inches, not 1 & 3/16.

    1. You're correct, it's 1 and 11/16ths. Don't know what happened there. Doh moment!

  3. Very nice!
    You really nailed the Votoms look on this one.

    1. Cheers. Thanks for saying so. I'm planning to do my Desert Shark squad in a sand and ochre variant of this scheme.

  4. Looking good! A lot better than mine in fact.

  5. Love it! The commando looks great. I also used those pics (iirc linked over on tmp) for reference when trying to ID my lot last year. I had one blister completely mislabeled (iirc it was the commando ironically) and two or three more with the ink partly rubbed off/faded after 25 years. Can't wait for the next one!