Thursday, 16 March 2017

Russian Walker Combat Group

And here are my Russian walker conversions that I've completed so far.

This project seems to have dragged on longer than I intended down to being distracted with other things, and being undecided on how to organize them.  My friend Roger suggested in a comment that I use, the Russian motorised rifle company layout–a total of twelve vehicles, of which something like nine are general purpose, two are special purpose (carrying the machine gun / anti-tank platoon in the original) and one is command/HQ.

So, I will need to assemble three more Accos, and then I can start painting them.

Also, as a result of this decision, I've decided that my Ammon conversions will be used as part of my 15mm Heavy Gear Force project and plan to get a Moab and add two extra legs as a support walker.


  1. That's quite a goodlooking unit.
    Very characterful, detailed and most likely very deadly too.

    1. The heroes have got to have something that's hard to beat, otherwise they wouldn't be heroes would they.

  2. Always liked the look of these models.
    Your conversions really make them look like they mean business.

  3. Sorry if this is a double post but you've got a very nice lineup built there. Any chance you could post a pic of one of each size mount next to some RAFM gears? I'm curious if the blitz scale mounts could stand in as their one step smaller equivalents in games versus the larger scale gears.

    1. I will try to do that as I don't have any to hand.


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