Tuesday 31 May 2022

Two Steps Forward; One Step Back


A picture of three mecha I'm currently working on. Still some work to get the middle mech drilled out for the magnets, before adding the backpack and weapons. 

Other stuff in progress is the continuing upgrades I'm working on. Here's the roll cage.

And I couldn't resist rebuilding the arm joints on my command suit, which of course meant I had to retrofit ball joints on the work mech too. Hence the title of the post.

There's still a lot of filling and sculpting and building brackets to to do.

This is the way.

Tuesday 3 May 2022

OMWB: WIP Conversions

Pearson's ride that I've rebuilt to improve the pose still needs a few more grab rails and a roll-over cage to finish. This repose required a fair amount of cutting and fitting with a bit of sculptingto fill the gaps.

I've also started cleaning up two more pairs of legs. The top one is a pretty rough casting from a mould slippage.

The other pair of legs was better cast, but I've had to re-sculpt some detail to punch them up. Again, still a work in progress.

And finally a better picture of the running pose showing off the work so far.

Still procrastinating on what weapon loadouts for the four suits.