Saturday 27 April 2013

Salute 2013: ExCel Centre

Picture stolen and cropped from Sidney's Blog.
Didn't go to Salute last year as I was suffering from work related stresses, but did manage to attend this year.  Photographic evidence as proof provided above.  I didn't take a camera to take pictures of the show, so you will all have to go to the following sites to see pictures:

Roundwood's World
Wargaming Girl, here, here, here and here.
The Angry Lurker, here and here.

Anything I might have added to the above would, I think, appear redundant.

Did I enjoy the show?  In hindsight yes, but at the time not so much.  I had been having a rough week and as one of my friends said to me on the day, "You sound like you are ready to throw yourself under the wargaming table".  I only bought one thing, and that was the new issue of Miniature Wargames.

However, I met up with Henry, which was good.  Bumped into friends, which is always good.  Had Tamsin sweep me up in passing and give me a hug, so still all good. 

Also got to see and ask questions about Dropzone Commander from Hawk Games, which will help me finish my review for Miniature wargames.  I then went to talk to Richard and the other guys from TooFatLardies, and saw Chain of Command demonstrated in the flesh, which was awesome.  Nick has done a podcast you can listen to here.

Left around 15.00 and came home as my feet hurt and I was feeling pretty exhausted by it all.  I really had trouble coping with the level of illumination in the hall, which I found quite upsetting as I couldn't focus on anything properly.  I was told that this was a sign of getting old, and needing more light to be able to see things clearly.

Got home, put my feet up and read the new white cover issue of Miniature Wargames.  Bliss.  It felt like the first time I read the first issue, back in 1984 when I was ever so young.  I may no longer be young, but the joy I got from reading the issue recharged my enthusiasm for my hobby.

Sunday 21 April 2013

RAF Hendon

Martin in front of a Eurofighter whose idea it was to go and see the museum.  A good call all round.
This Thursday I traveled up to Colindale on the Northern Line to visit the RAF museum at Hendon to meet up with my friend Martin and have a look at all the lovely aircraft they have on show.  Only took one picture inside the main museum, but did remember to take some in the Battle-of-Britain building exhibit where they were showing clips from the BoB movie.  The music is just so awe inspiring, which made me feel like a five year old again and want to run around using my hands to make goggles.

Wicked looking Ju-87 Stuka.  In the background are a Ju-88, Me-110 and He-111.  Interestingly the Ju-88 had BMW emblem on the engines, while the Me-110 had the Mercedes-Benz tri-point logo on the exhausts.
A section V2/A4 missile which heralded the start of the space race after the war.
Sunderland flying boat in all its glory.
An impressive lawn ornament as you are ever likely to have, a Bristol Blood hound Mk2.
I really enjoyed the day out and walking around the museum, which is huge.  Had a very nice scone, cream and jam as a treat in the afternoon too.  We met up with my partner in the evening at Forbidden Plant and went to Gars for a slap up Chinese meal to round out the excellent day.

Wednesday 10 April 2013

Shooting at Bisley Camp

The money shot as they say in the film industry.
Yesterday I was Bisley Camp shooting as a guest of the Magna Shooting Club.  For a full gun geek post go here.

It was cold out there in the wilds of Bisley Camp, and I was really grateful that I dressed appropriately with two fleeces on to keep me warm.  The day was a present from my partner so that I could write about shooting in the novel I'm writing, and it certainly gave me some insights into my cousin Ewan's comments about not festooning rifles with scopes.