Saturday, 31 May 2014

Ogre Camoflage WIP


First colour laid down, in this case purple for all, which is mostly by happen-chance, because I didn't knowingly set out to have a colour in common to all the forces.

The pink Ogre is being done in a scheme base on the Swedish splinter pattern as applied to the Saab Viggen.

Both the green and yellow schemes are differential dazzle schemes, where the placement of colour is driven by the desire to have the lower parts of the Ogre in lighter tones.  Of course the pink scheme will appear similar, because the pink is very bright, but the design is largely driven from copying the Swedish camoflage pattern.  A subtle difference that pleases me, and I imagine most other will not notice, or care much about.

On looking at the above picture I think I will add some more purple to the Mark 1 Ogre, which I think needs to be darker on top.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Green, Pink & Yellow Ogres

Title says it all.  Sorry not to say more, but not in the right frame of mind at this moment (death in the family).

NB: Better colour corrected picture added.  The Pan Euro GEV added for those who asked about the size of the old Ral Partha Mark 4.  I had a problem with the green too, because the paint had dried up and I had to use a lot of thinners to get it useable.  Hence the change in tone between the Ogres and the GEV.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Ogre Force Primed

Today I spent all of the morning, and a fair chunk of the afternoon watching my partner shooting in their first archery club competition.  I caught the sun a bit, as the sun was shining for a change.  My intention to sit and read was lost in watching the spectacle of people shooting arrows, and the satisfying thunk sound when the arrow hits the target.  It was a bit like watching a re-enactment of Agincourt, without the unpleasantness of seeing the horses being shot.

I might go along and have a go, and see if I enjoy firing arrows at butts.

Yesterday I spent some time cleaning up my Combine infantry.  Then I primed them, my Ogres and all the vehicles I showed here over the last month, too.  The first step toward having them painted for Blast-Tastic in October.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Miniature Wargames Issue 373

I got my issue of Miniature Wargames with my Ogre article in it at the weekend.  What can I say that doesn't sound like self-promotion?  Its got my Ogre article in it, enough said OK?  Above is an alternative picture that didn't make the cut.

For any SJG people reading this, especially Brian, a copy is winging its way across to you now via airmail.

PS: Ogre fans go and buy a copy of Miniature Wargames #373 now.

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