Monday 28 February 2022

Subatduku Alien Force

Maneuver group.

I've finished painting my Khurasan 15mm Entomal aliens, aka the Stikk. I'm using these in my Bad Dog universe as Subatduku. They've yet to appear in a novel, but will appear in Big Little Wars wargame rules.

Support teams and command team.

I have another ten figures to paint, which will make for a second maneuver group in due course.

I've decided to take a break from painting to build up some more combat armor suits that have been sitting on my work bench waiting for me to get back to them.

Thursday 24 February 2022

WIP: Robots Rally!

I got my set of Robot Rally circa 2002. Still haven't played a game either, so these miniatures that come with the game have sat on the lead mountain for eighteen years.

Ironically, I managed to paint the robots below below a friends as a Xmas present in 2004.

So, I'm painting my set in a different combination of colours, because why not? And, who wants to be boring and paint an identical set again? Not I. Which, also probably explains why I'm so terrible at painting armies.

Anyway, all the colours of the rainbow still seems to me to be the right choice for fun, happy robot rally mayhem. So here they are with the base coat laid down.

I mounted mine on British pennies for weight and for ease of transport as they can be secured with a magnetic sheet in a box. Pro tip right there. But interestingly, for definitions of interesting that may vary, you can see that the moulded round bases aren't.

So, these are a work in progress. Something light and fluffy, painted for fun.

Tuesday 8 February 2022

OMWB: Scaling the Mountain of Lead

These ABC Warriors have sat in the lead pile for more years than I care to remember. And it has to be said that sat around in primer for nearly three years too. Okay, let me put that into perspective for the younger followers who may be reading my blog.

My guess these were bought circa 1988.

Unpainted figures in the lead mountain lie. Given enough time, may even appear in a game or two.

So I've laid down the first coat of green with some wash to increase the depth of the shadows, and next is the mid-tones and highlight shades. After that, I'll add some red to make them pop.

And, my Martian Metals K'Kree that have also sat around after being primed waiting for me to notice them too.

As I've said before, these K'Kree are rarer than rocking horse shit. I picked them up circa 1984 on a trip to Toronto from a store on Yonge  Street. Along with my Zhodani marines that I posted here, which can be found in the side-bar under Martian Metals.

It has only taken me four years from noticing that they needed to be cleaned, then another year until primed before they finally wandered onto my paint table. Slow is steady, I guess!?