Catalogue RAFM Dream Pod 9 Northern Gears (Updated)

I found  some pictures from the RAFM catalogue Heavy Gear Northern Guard online, with a list of all the models issued.  Those listed in bold are those I've managed to get hold of.  Still looking for a model of the Kodiak for my collection just because I like it.

Hunter 1200 

Assault Hunter 1201

Jaguar 1202

Strike Jaguar 1203

Cheetah 1204

Strike Cheetah 1205

Grizzly 1206

Assault Grizzly 1207

Hunter Commando 1208

Bricklayer 1209

Fire Jaguar 1210

Rabid Grizzly 1211

Kodiak 1212 

White Cat 1213

Light Artillery 1214

Number apparently not used

Sniper Infantry 1216 
(not shown)

Recon Infantry 1217 

(not shown)

Standard Infantry 1218 

Heavy Infantry 1219

Black Cat 1221 

(not shown)

Armored Hunter1222 

(not shown)

Cheetah Fang 1223 

(not shown)

Hunter Recon 1224 

(not shown)

Crossbow Grizzly 1225 

(not shown)

Predator Jaguar 1226 

(not shown)

White Cat EWH 1227 

(not shown)

Black Claw 1228 

(not shown)

Kodiak Destroyer 1229 
(not shown)

Desert Sharks Box 2050

Mammoth Strider 2052 

Assault Mammoth 2053

Klemm tank 2055

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