Friday, 3 March 2017


Hopefully you see that I tweaked the standard poses the figures come in to add a bit more variety to the squad.

Again these were a project I started on over the Xmas period, but not quite getting around to taking pictures and posting my progress.  I've also managed to prime these, but currently I'm still in the middle of a Heavy Gear building frenzy so I'm not sure when they'll get painted.

I found the gun barrels were easily bent so I replaced them with brass wire, and though you can't really see it, I've added guitar string to the extended weapon pods to strengthen them too.  It was a bit fiddly to do.

These are a mix of Clear Horizon 15mm Epsilon base and heavy support squads.  I'm using them as infantry for my 15mm Heavy Gear project, which I accidentally started after acquiring some old RAFM era large Gears.  These are really lovely figures full of character and poseable.


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