Saturday 18 January 2014

Another New Year

Cute Tachikoma model I found on eBay that would be suitable for 25mm games.  I really wanted it to be smaller for using with 15mm figures.  Still it's cute and sits below my monitor screen to bring a smile to my face every time I look at it.

Another year has rushed by in a flurry with the usual responses of where did all the time go?  I've been less than one hundred percent focussed on this blog over the last year, and given my need to write more books and try to sell them, this is likely to the pattern for this year too.

However, saying that I saved off all my thirty-seven posts here and discovered that I have written 9,464 words during the past year.  Not quite a post per week, and if I compared the word count to any of the previous years I'm sure the total would be well down, but such is life I'm afraid.

Last year I covered a lot of ground and I see a lot of unfinished projects in passing, like my armour forces that I started painting for the Mummerset Campaign, which remains a work in progress.  I also spent a bit of time getting to know the Heavy Gear universe and learning the rules with the intent of using them for a VOTOMS inspired campaign that came to nothing.  I still have a whole load of VOTOMs to paint, languishing on my workbench.  I even missed the launch of Robotech, which was down to a combination of money and time.

For me the big highlight of the year was getting my BattleTech article into the final issue of Battlegames before it folded and he went onto become the editor Miniature Wargames.  I've written an Ogre article in a similar vein for Miniature Wargames, but I'm waiting for a copy of the Ogre Designer Edition to arrive to take pictures for the piece.  Keeping fingers crossed that it will arrive soon.

Played a bit of Dropzone Commander, but money and time prevents me from taking a bigger interest in the universe.  I'm finding it hard enough to keep up with painting stuff for Ogre; I need lots more North American Combine armour and infantry to be able to play GEV scenarios. I'm also working my way through Gruntz with plans for Daleks and mecha and other SF madness.  I'm also working on a review of Gruntz, but want to have played more games so that I'm writing from a more authorative position, since Miniature Wargames has taken to grading reviews by how much the reviewer has played the game.

I've been to Salute and SELWG this year, along with Dragonmeet, and of course GeekFest.  On the general popularity of posts this year the posts on Risk doing Daleks came top with nearly a thousand views a piece that can be read here and here,  I checked back through the blog post counts and discovered that the number one most viewed piece in in fact one I wrote about the Classic BattleTech forum talking about ammo and explosions.  Go figure.

So, another year has flown by and what do I have to look forward to.  More posts about Ogre, as it is my current obsession.  Daleks and Gruntz, but this will be some time given my priorities.  Spaceships; just as soon as I get around to dusting them off and taking pictures of my three fleets.  I meant to do that last year, but you know how it is?  As always thank you all for taking the time to read my posts, it means a lot to me.  Have a nice one now.