Thursday, 23 February 2017

Jovian Wars KickStarter

I told myself I wasn't going to get into another project and resisted making a pledge with the new Dream Pod 9 Jovian Wars.  I really can't afford it: time more than money, but also money: it's a thing, right?

Anyway, I failed my resist new shiny roll.

So now I have a pledge in for the basic four capital ships and a pack of exo-armors and fighters.  Given the KS ends in the middle of next month I may be able to add a couple more ships to my pledge.  We shall see, but how could I resist Gundam!  Sorry, I mean Jovian Wars cough Gundam really cough.

The latest blog on how to make a fleet for a basic skirmish game.
Jovian Wars is about building a strategy when selecting your fleet and then using that fleet to achieve your objectives in a game, usually by out maneuvering your opponent and defeating in combat.

The Jovian Wars Kickstarter has new ship designs available so let’s look at how you might go about building a fleet.
And here's the link to the full text.  And the KS is already fully funded with extras unlocked, so it looks like a good deal is there to be had, and those spaceships are gorgeous.

NB: Edit, to add link to the Jovian fleet link.  And, a picture of all the lovely little Exo-armors.



  1. I think I'll probably sit this one out. I have a half dozen books from the old Jovian DP9 series (including multiple editions of the same thing within 2 years of each other as they did that with JC as well as HG) and loved the art and asthetics... but I feel like it was mainly spill over from HG. I took a peek at the alpha version of the rules (not the one up right now but last month's release) and had a few issues with the mechanics. Like with the cancelled Dreadnoughts game, there are a few modelling and gameplay hurdles that I don't think I can jump over. On the plus side, you should get your minis sooner rather than later like with the plastic HG KS since I suspect they're producing the resin and metal in house rather than in China.

  2. I have a friend who has encouraged me to seek out and explore the wonders of the Jovian Chronicle series, and I'm sure he'll be please to see me take an interest in the game. In fact I should probably email him.

  3. Damn you for putting this on my radar...!

    1. I feel your pain, but we can both share the joy when the time comes.