Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Xmas Goodies: Yummy, Yummy Yum, Yum

Goodies indeed this Xmas. Not only did I get some North American Combine miniatures and Charley's War Volume IX, both of which I knew I was getting, I also got a surprise prezzie.  I like surprises, and this one came in the shape of an Olympus F2.8 60mm Micro 4/3rds macro lens.  I had forgotten how much better fixed focal length prime lenses are than zooms, no matter how good the latter might be.

Here are some examples done on the fly to test out the new lens.

This, I think, really shows off the camo scheme quite well.

Super extreme close-up and one can really see the shading and blending, and dust, doh!
And here is the Blood Sucker on my urban terrain board, looking good, and hopefully giving a good indication of the size of this model.

Sweet cruelties abound as I spot a splash of green on the wall of a building that I've never noticed before.
The Strikedog shape is nicely broken up against the buildings.
Dream Pod 9 Heavy Gear Jerboa paratrooper mech, shown for a size comparison.
So I'm now able to get 1:1 macro enlargements of my models with this new lens,  and I can see it is going to up my game, and with it force me to up my preparation time too. So, just got to work out what weekends I'm free in January and then I will be able to arrange for my first game of Heavy Gear Blitz.


  1. Awesome dust. Is it home made or from the GW detailing line. ;)

    Happy holidays.

    1. If someone could market it, they would. It is amazing how the dust is clearly in focus though. :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you. It was heart in mouth job.


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