Thursday, 20 December 2012

Blood Sucker & Strikedog Done

Blood Sucker triptych.

First seen here, as a work in progress, now finished.  These were a bit of a challenge to paint, and I'm not convinced that my photography does them justice either? But please bear with me as I indulge in VOTOMS frothing goodness.

Strikedog triptych.
Next up is a extreme close-up portrait of the Blood Sucker piloted by members of the Red Shoulder Brigade.

Here is an extreme close-up portrait of the Strikedog. On my monitor both of these pictures measure five and half inches tall.

On my monitor this picture scales to one inch, which is how big the models really are.



  1. Which reminds me, a couple of full-size-plus Scope Dogs here (about a third of the way down):

  2. I've seen them, they are good.

    Off on a tangent, I had a spam email asking me about security issues on this blog. Yes Mr. Spammer I have the best security against comment spam, me. So, anyone who feels like posting a link to a comment gets deleted automatically.


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