Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Out with the Old, in with the New

Yes, the model is still wet from being given a sepia wash.

A chance for me wish you all a Happy New Year, and take the time to look back and assess what I managed to do over the old year?  Including getting over excited and rushing to paint a newly acquired Heavy Gear Jerboa from Dream Pod 9.

The first four months were to say the least a bit of a drudge.  Work was severely stressful and not much was being done.  It wasn't until June that I managed to get back in the groove, with a game for my campaign, and show off two new House Steiner mechs on here.

July then saw me finally finish off four House Marik mechs.  Models tend to get stuck at certain stages on the production line, in this case decals and varnishing being the area where the hold-up occurred.  Once I bit the bullet they were done.

August was the month where lots of infantry units were completed with four platoons each for both House Steiner and the Freedom Army of Mummerset forces, all done in 10mm.  August was also when I played my first games of OGRE in more years than I care to remember, and one game of BattleTech that I wasn't running for others to play, which was nice.  As a result of joining Steve Jackson Games UK MIB network I then started on my first newish army of the year.  This started by stripping and repainting a load of Pan Euro tanks.  Then I moved onto getting all my Ogres finished too, which ended up in my refurbishing my old Mark 5 as well.  This OGRE project took me right up to the last week of November to complete, with me just finishing the Pan Euro infantry just in time for my first Ogre demo at Dragonmeet.

I also took the opportunity to dust off my old Traveller miniatures and showcase them on here.  Expect me to do the same for my spaceships in the coming year.

Then the next big thing for me was the VOTOMS I painted up this year. First off with 6mm Hound Dogs from GZG that resulted in me going overboard and doing some conversions that may be put into production by Jon.  Then the acquisition of 10mm scale VOTOMS from Takara that have become my current obsession.

In between all that fun, I managed to get two more games of my Mummerset campaign played.  This has been a very time consuming project.  However,  it is starting to yield interesting results, as we polish the rule modifications that have allowed us to play Battalion level games with BattleTech rules.

So looking back on the year, it has been more productive than I first thought.  Though I would have liked to have produced more.  As it was I worked really hard to get the Ogre army completed to meet the deadline for Dragonmeet.  Realistically I can't see how I could have done more, all things considered.

Other things.  Gerry Anderson RIP.  Childhood  influence that made me the SF fan I am today.

The opening notes still stir a sense of thrill in me when I hear it now.

NB: I've switched the captcha back on as I was getting too many stupid spam posts that I was having to delete.


  1. Thanks for the many great posts and Happy New Year to you.

  2. Thanks for a terrific year of great posts. You've showcased some great ideas, excellent painting and I love the total approach you have to doing things. A Happy New Year, and very best indeed for 2013. Hope to catch up properly at one of the shows this year - Salute, maybe?

    1. Salute sounds like a possibility. I'll put it in my diary.

  3. I'd like to echoe Irishserb's comments, thanks for many good postings.

  4. A great year of post. The Ogres are awesome and your Traveller posts brought back memories of my small collection tucked away in storage.

  5. Thank you all so very much for the kind comments and more importantly taking the time to read my blog. Most appreciated a it inspires me to do more work.

  6. Well done Ashley, another good year! Happy New Year to you!