Friday, 17 February 2017

Heavy Gear Force Awakens

It's the kindness of friends that makes life fun.  Thanks to Sitzkrieg for expanding my Southern Gear collection.  Left to right: Mamba Brawler, Jager Blitz and Armored Jager.

For a long time there was no hints or signs that I would ever get into Heavy Gear, such things were musings or mad thoughts of un-sane Elder Gods from another dimension waiting for the stars to be right.

These six Northern faction RAFM Gears mark the start of my slide into insanity and downfall.  Top left to right: Bricklayer, Fire Jaguar, and Jaguar. Bottom left to right: Hunter Commando, Hunter, and Assault Hunter.

Then a chance find in non-euclidian space, called eBay, there were six RAFM Gears that merited a token bid.  And then the stars turned, and I became the owner of the basis for a Northern Heavy Gear squad.  From there, further searching, and with the help of kind friends, I have doubled my haul.  In the process I've also acquired some incomplete models that will be good for spare parts.

And another three RAFM Gears did appear.  Left to right: Southern Iguana, Northern Desert Sharks Hunter, and a Cheetah.

This means I now have eight Northern and four Southern RAFM era Gears.

Now the madness has taken hold, I want a Kodiak to round out my Northern Gear squad.  For my Southern squad another Jager, Mamba, and a Cobra would be nice to have too.  Then I could then make up two squads for games.

So now all of the new acquisitions are in the process of having their paint stripped in Nitromors, and you can all expect to see progress reports, like this one, as I assemble and paint them in the months ahead.


  1. I have one or two RAFM Desert shark hunters if you're interested.
    Not sure if I still got the original metal bases though.
    I only ask postage, but as I live in Belgium I got no clue how much this could be.

    1. Yes please. Email on ashley (insert the squiggle) ashley-pollard (and add a dotcom to the end). I hope you take PayPal?

    2. Yes, I sure do.
      I'll try to send you a picture tomorrow, just to make sure these are miniatures you want.

    3. They look good, reply with my address sent.

  2. Oooo, getting into a whole new scale! Throwing caution to the winds! :)

  3. The Kodiak only makes the addiction worse! It was one of my favorites back in the day and still is. Congrats on the multiple hauls! :) I forgot how nice the Iguana looks as well since I don't think it translated particularly well to blitz/tact scale. If memory serves, you only need a grizzly to complete the basic four for each faction now.

    1. I agree with you about the Iguana, very nice model.

      I possibly have a Grizzly incoming that's in need of some TLC: well within my comfort zone of repairs and rebuilds.