Friday, 17 February 2017

Traveller: Martian Metals K'Kree

There is rare, and then there is rare as rocking horse pooh or chicken's teeth, the latter not being as rare as you think–genetics being what it is and all.  I bought these models on a trip to Toronto back in 1984 from a shop on Yonge Street.  Yes, they've been sitting in a box for 33 years waiting for me to paint them up ever since.

Equally surprising is that fact that despite all the things I've gone through over the years I managed to keep hold of them.  What provoked me to get them out, clean off the white oxidation and base them was assembling the Clear Horizon figures, because I thought what the heck, three more 15mm figures is no big deal.

So here they are ready to be primed.

By now the news of Loren Wiseman's death has broken out on the internet.  He along with Frank Chadwick, Marc Miller and Rich Banner were the founders of Game Designers' Workshop who published the Traveller RPG.  Though I had played D&D before going to university, it was playing Traveller that made me go and buy the rules (little black books), and start running games.  So many happy memories.

So now I have another good reason to paint these because time is fleeting, and there are not enough hours in the day to do everything one wants to do, so best to do those things that are meaningful while one has time.


  1. A real blast from the past. I heard a rumour that someone I knew, knew someone who had some Martian metals K'Kree back in the nineties. I have a load of the old GW figures (and some of the newer RAFM ones as well). I still think that Traveller is the king of RPG games.

  2. A lot of the old school game designers are on the way out. It is I guess the end of an era. Sad really.

    1. As long as we can still have fun then it doesn't matter: unto each generation there's a 'thing' that brings joy.

  3. Sorry to hear about Loren. Did you ever get to meet him in your travels and contacts within the industry? Those figs look interesting and definitely old school; are they lead?

    1. No I didn't have the pleasure of meeting any of the GDW team.

      And yes the K'Kree are full on leaded goodness.


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