Wednesday 22 February 2017

Latest Russian Walker Conversion

The plastic Ammon from the Dream Pod 9 KickStarter is for me the most disappointing Caprice model.  Primarily because it doesn't match the size of the resin and white-metal version they produce.  As you can see from the picture the legs of the resin and white-metal model are larger.

If one can accept the resulting lower height, from using the legs from the standard walkers, then the model makes up very nicely.  As is my wont, I ended up converting it to make it a bit different, but not sure I like the arrangement of the weapons on their makeshift turret.

I'm not convinced I can live with the conversion because I prefer the taller model, as it looks slightly more elegant to my eye.  As a result I went and ordered another Ammon, and a few other bits & pieces from Dream Pod 9 (though annoyingly I forgot to order extra machine guns I needed, sigh).

However, I must finish off the painting and put the custom decals I've got on to finish it off.


  1. I hadn't taken a look at the Caprice models I received as part of the KS yet, but the older version looks indeed way better.
    I know they had to make some hard choices for the casting process to work, but I see no issues here.
    I think your conversion looks quite good, but it just isn't the same.

  2. Are those like for like models? I get confused with the Caprice asthetics sometimes and mix up Ammons with Bashans with Kardashians. :) I'm personally alright with the legs but I can see where you're coming from in preferring the longer, more elegant version. For me, squat and efficient fits a Soviet mentality more. YMMV but, from an outsiders perspective looking in (Ha! Imagine a grognard like me being able to say that!), the Caprice faction turned out the best relatively in plastic. I'm personally really not a fan of how the gears and tanks turned out.

    1. They're like for like up to the turret conversion. So yes, but no, but maybe. ;-)

      Same chassis and body, but the plastic uses the other Caprice walker legs rather than the Ammon legs as seen in the resin and white-metal model.