Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Ogres in the Chop Shop: Pan European Mark 3 WIP

Week three of the Ogre fest.

Here is a side view of my newest Mark 3, showing the cut down tower to represent it being lowered.  No doubt some bright spark is going to come along and tell me the Mark 3 wasn't able to lower its tower, and I'll say who says it's lowered?

I've gone and positioned the secondary batteries at a different angle too, so as to visually differentiate my Pan Euro Mark 3 from my two Combine Mark 3 Ogres.  Not sure that I actually like the look, but it's cannon, so it's cool.

Here are a  couple of pictures showing how I built up the model with magnets from the get go.  I started with gluing in the first magnet to the front half and reinforced the joint with Milliput.

I then added Milliput to the rear half and pressed the magnet into it while it was still soft.  All looking a bit rough from the magnet being pulled out while the Milliput was drying.

Here you see how the embedded the magnets into each half of the body shell.  After all this was set I added more Milliput to fill out the cavities in both halves of the Mark 3 body.  This is to both strengthen the joint, and give the model a more correct visual profile when looking at it straight on where one can see the underside.


  1. Ze tower, she 'as now ze enhanced élan!

    1. And she will have a name in the tradition of French Char 2C too.

    2. "Why is that tank called Champagne?"
      "You ask her."

  2. Because it is from Champagne. If it were from California, it would be called "Sparkling White."