Saturday, 26 April 2014

Ogres in the Chop Shop: Combine Mark 2S Custom WIP


To give you some idea of the size of my scratch build here it is next to the official Ninja on the left, and next to my Pan European Mark 3 with the tower cut down the on the right.

As you can see my Mark 2S is shorter than the Mark 3, and shorter and dumpier than the Ninja.  When I checked it is wider than the Ninja, and narrower than the Mark 3.

And here is my model next to a SJG Mark 2 Ogre.  The Mark 2 is a lovely little model in its own right, but I don't feel it has enough of what I would call the Combine look about it.  It looks to me to be something the Pan Europeans would do with the Mark 1 templates to produce their own Ogre variant, but I recognise that is just my opinion on this matter.

Finally, here is my model showing some work I've done on my long dormant custom Ogre project, which started off as a Ninja, but after the official one came out my model went on the back burner.  Now it will represent a Mark 2S, based on Henry Cobb's stats.    I've cleaned up a couple of areas that needed to be tidied up, and I have added some panels to give the model some extra detail.  This is pretty much close to finished, though I've not represented the anti-personnel batteries.  I'm just not sure how to do them.


  1. Some sort of small bead would make a good AP battery, I think. I'm looking forward to seeing these painted, and it reminds me to get some more of MY Ogre minis ready for the tabletop!

  2. I am very very bummed that I didn't stock up on MK I's and MK II's when they were available at Warehouse 23. I got one of each, but I could see a whole platoon of them on the field.

    Your scratch-built version looks terrific, though.

  3. Very nice stuff. I have to keep myself from this cliff or I would fall in a big way for Ogre miniatures.

    1. Fortunately for you, SJG are making not getting into OM easier while they reconsider how they produce them.

    2. The AP batteries could be created by chopping the tops off of plastic screws, if you can find them.

    3. I ended up using very small beads and cutting wire to make the barrels, which fitted in the hole. See here


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