Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Ogres in the Chop Shop: Doppelsoldner WIP

The Doppelsoldner waiting for me to drill out the barrels of the secondary batteries.  The Pan European designs are in someways much more convincing designs for a large cybertank i.e: they have turrets.  However, they don't have that iconic look of the Mark 5.

I magnetised the turret too.  The turret bustles hit the body fairing, so I had to gently file them, and cut into the fairing to allow the turret to rotate fully.

I didn't like the fact that the model is designed so as to join the two halves together with the bellows like projections.  In my opinion this puts a lot of stress on the casting, which will be prone to metal fatigue.  So I cut the projections down and put magnets in them.

I didn't go the whole fill the body cavity in with my Doppelsoldner, because look at the vast cavernous space I'd have to fill.  So I just built up lips to hide the lack of an underside.  Interestingly, the Fencer has a lip on the rear of the chassis and doesn't require this modification to hide the fact that the casting is hollow.

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