Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Ogre Chop Shop Finale

Here are all the cybertanks models I've posted this month showing the relative size of the models.  Click on links to be taken to the page with larger pictures, so from front to back, left to right: the Mark 2 and behind it the Mark 3, next is the  Doppelsoldner, In front is my Mark 2S, and behind the ultra rare Mark 4 that was never released, then the Mark 1, and finally the Ninja.

The Mark 2 & 3 and the Doppelsoldner will be painted in my green scheme differential dazzle I've used on my conventional Pan European forces: 7th Demi Brigade Légion Etrangère, which can seen here.  The unique Mark 4 will be painted in a new splinter scheme with Pink as its base colour.  My custom Mark 2S, the Ninja and Mark 1 will be in my Combine yellow differential ambush camo scheme, which can be seen here.

These are the Combine infantry with the bases having had Milliput added.  Next up I will finish cleaning up the castings, and then I will apply basetex texture paint to add some texture to the bases.

The above is a close up of what represents a Company of infantry under Ogre Miniature rules where each figure equals six men.  What they looked like before can be seen here.

Finally, a surprise bonus picture of my Combine armour that I have been working on.

Those doing these did mean I didn't get around to assembling the armour for my new Nihon force, which I presented earlier in the month.  All the turrets on the tanks are magnetised too.

So, the next step is to prime this lot up, and then start putting down the base colours.  I've been thinking about the game a lot while assembling this force, and listening to Meeples & Miniatures, and the thought occurred to me that in the bigger scheme of all things wargaming that Ogre games are really not that large.

By that I mean if you play the largest scenario, Body Blow, one is only required to field 150 armour units and 75 infantry for the Pan Europeans, with six Mark 3s, two Mark 5s, 40 armour and 50 infantry for the two player game.  The three player game, with two people commanding the Pan Europeans ups them to 160 armour and 80 infantry, and that is that.

By the standards of large miniature wargames this is small beer, and I can't help but think that if Ogre Miniatures sales were limited by the small amount needed to be able to play the largest scenario.  OTOH I may have a rather skewed perspective here, and in all honesty I am not a large game player, much preferring smaller actions, rather than trying to re-fight Kursk in one-to-one scale as my friends once did.


  1. That's one dead sexy collection of toy soldiers. Color me jealous!

    1. So it will be green for you Sir. Suits you sir, suits you. :-)

  2. I think the cool kids these days are playing skirmish games. More than about ten figures on the table and they get confused.

    But judging by recent shows I've been to anything that isn't basically infantry, maybe with the occasional vehicle, is a minority of this already fairly small hobby.

    1. See you get to hang with all the uncool people like me. :-)