Friday, 14 September 2012

Traveller: Vargr Dogs of War

The dogs are back in town.  These are Citadel figures, who did a lovely set of eight different poses for their set of Traveller Aliens.  I had planned on doing up a whole platoon of these, but got put off by by the complexity of the Striker rules, and when BattleTech came along, moved my small unit combat allegiances to it.

However, with TooFat Lardies about to do an SF set, whose title is Quadrant 13, which has already been labelled as Tentacles by their eList members, I might well be tempted to start playing with all of my old figures.  Could use my Daleks too!

While writing this post I remembered I still had some other 15mm figures hanging around.  What I found were a single Aslan, and Droyne, but that I also had three Martian Metals K'Kree too.  Very tempted to put these on the bench and paint them up, but that way lies the madness of having too many projects on the go at once.  Muwuha, ha, ha, ha...


  1. Those are the bee's knees :)

    What are they based on?

    1. Homemade half inch square plastic bases.

  2. Helpful hint: if playing Traveller (or Rifts with Dogboys), do not go up to one and say, "What up, dawg?"

    Just sayin'. :)

    1. I can see that you are a bundle of laughs at Vargr embassy receptions. :-)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, especially given that I painted these over 20 years ago.


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