Monday, 17 September 2012

Traveller: Imperial Navy Crew


Another treasure trove of past work that I painted in the mid to late eighties. and the last of my 15mm posts until I paint some more figures. The above are a mixture from Citadel and Laser Burn that I used in my Traveller campaigns to represent the officers, and gentlemen of the Vilani/Solomani Imperial Navy.

Dress whites says it all, and of course there has to be a lady for the Admiral to escort to functions where the players would be trying to run a scam, or fulfill a contract, as part of the campaign.

I always played these as British Inter-War Naval stereotypes, and the players use to hate the fact that they were treated as the low-lifes that they were. Fun times and games to remember.

Pure Citadel Traveller Space armour figures, which I used as Imperial Navy Marines.  If these arrived it was a signal that the proverbial had hit the can, and that the players were well and truly out of luck. 

I remember one memorable game where the players had split into two groups on board a crashed starship that had sunk under a methane sea.

One group was using the survivors as slaves to try and get off the world, while the other team ran a resistance group in the ventilation shafts. The game ended when the marines arrived, and past actions came home to roost.

And another mix of figures to represent the general crew players might meet when boarded, or on shore leave. Less formal situations for the latter encounters, though they might lead to bar room brawls of course.

Looking at these figures I think that the white uniforms could do with an ink wash to add contrast, but like everything else they will have to wait, as I have much higher priority figures to paint.


  1. I am not trying to copy you but ended up publishing pics of the same vac suited figures about twenty minutes after you. I have some ship crew on the table too although not all the same ones and not ready yet. I did the Vargr (I mean war hounds of Sirius) thing a while back as well. Nice to know you are a Traveller buff too.

    1. Copycat ;-)

      Where's the link then, make it easy, go on, go on, go on...

    2. Actually, I've made it easy for everyone by linking you on my front page. So people, check it out...