Tuesday, 30 June 2020

First Six Combat Armour Suits Completed

All the combat armor suits that have or will appear in my Gate Walker novels.

I started this project back at the end of January, five months ago, now we're at the end of June. How time flies by? As I've recorded here, there has been a lot of fiddling and modifying to get these looking the way I want.

But now they're done. As always, click to embiggen the pictures.

This started out as Espera's suit from my novel Strike Dog, but will now represent a variant of the CAS-1-Mod 3.

I now have another eight RAFM Gears to convert, and fortunately enough spare parts to be able to do variant weapon loadouts with magnetized arm joints.

A CASE-2X suit variant based on the support platoons in my novel Bad Dog.
And below there's a triptych of Tachikoma's new boss suit that will appear in future novels.

CASE-2XC-Mod 2E variant.
And finally some close ups of Ferretti's Buster suit. The right arm isn't magnetized because the ammo feed restricts the arm movement, but the right arm is, but that's purely for the ability to be able to pose the model when taking reference shots for cover art.

CAS-4CP variant.
So, the next stage will be to wash these in preparation for painting.


  1. Very impressive, those are awesome!

    1. Thank you for saying they look awesome. Means a lot.

  2. Those are fantastic. Lovely group shot.



  3. No audio version of the books...but your models are so nice....may have to sacrifice some free time to actually reading somthing. Also you used the word triptych so the books are obviously going to be good.

    1. Well, I think so, but check out some of the reviews on my other blog or Amazon.