Monday, 22 June 2020

Mech Suit Progess: More Fettling

I added a roll bar to protect the head from the crane arm, and changed the weapon because I could.

Just when I thought I was getting nearer to slapping some paint on these, I had an idea. It's all Wouter's fault too! Only kidding, Wouter, you got me thinking.


You can see the magnets nestled inside the torso, and the extra stowage I added to the back of the mech.

I have a bunch of old RAFM Gears, but a lot of them are missing parts, like heads or backpacks. However, this means I have a bunch of spare arms to play with.

I had to rework the arm, as my first attempt to sculpting didn't work out.

So the thought occurred to me that if I magnetized the shoulder joints I could swap arms on the models, and change out the weapon loadouts to suit my fancy. How hard could it be?

Jolly hockey sticks, not so much hard, just more time consuming than I imagined.

You can see clear through the torso that I've drilled to mount the magnets, and close-ups of the sculpting on the knee joints.

So that's what I've been doing, and it's taking a bit longer than I anticipated to convert all the models, so yet another work in progress report. But soon I shall start painting them.

Soon I say, my voice lost in time and space.


  1. Those are looking really good.



  2. Great job! You're really customizing them to be your own thing.

    1. That was the plan. Glad you think it's working.