Thursday 11 June 2020

Takara 1/48th Burglary Dog

I scooped this Takara 1/48th Scale Burglary Dog ATM-09-DD off eBay this week. I've wanted one of these toys for a long while, but all the ones I'd seen for sale have been offered at a breath taking price.

So this particular version often goes for staggering sums of money, but I was very lucky, and acquired this one at a bargain price. Colour me very pleased.

As you can see, some assembly required, but this is simple enough: on par with IKEA furniture. Still it came as a bit of a shock, as I was expecting an assembled toy to play with.

Dream Pod 9 drew inspiration from the anime Armored Trooper VOTOMS show. A rough comparison reveals this model is about twice the height of the RAFM Heavy Gear models I've been converting.

When I've assembled this model, I'll take a picture with my RAFM conversions, so everyone can a better idea of how big these are. If they weren't so damn expensive they would make good mecha for 28mm wargames.

Hope to catch you all on the bounce.


  1. VOTOMS is a really great show and it would be awesome if someone started producing a miniatures line for it.
    Anyway a great find, have fun assembling!

    1. If you do FB there's a AT VOTOMS page which has hinted at a range of game miniatures being worked on.

      Now whether or not they come to market, that's another matter. There were also some metal VOTOMS from Japan, again for a game, but not readily available over here.

  2. Cool! I like that it has interior detail on some sections.

    1. When I opened it up I was quite shocked as I expected an assembled toy, but this is pretty cool.

      If I were rich I would buy a bunch more, but I'm not, so that's not going to happen any time soon.

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