Sunday, 4 January 2015

Tags Under Labels


Having blogged for five years with hundreds of posts and pictures I've tried to make it easier for people coming here for the first time to find stuff of interest to them.  My regular readers may well have spotted the additions and changes I've made to some of the tags in the the Lables list, and I thought it might be useful to explain what I've been doing.

Let's start with the WGIAGH & WGIAWOL tags first.

WGIAGH stands for wargaming is a Goddam hobby, and I use the tag on things when I'm having a rant about something that I think is important, but probably isn't all that important in the greater scheme of things.

WGIAWOL stands for wargaming is a way of life, and in this tag means this is a more humorous piece or has humorous content, which is not to be taken too seriously.

AAR stands for after action report, and basically this is a report on the games I've been playing.

As I've have lots of posts about BattleTech they've been split into house rules, miniatures, musing and OSR, which stands for old school rules.  Pretty much everything else should be self explanatory, and I've added a new category of gaming in general, which is musing about game mechanics and rules that can apply equally to most rule systems or adds observations about games that can apply to most games.

Want to know more citizen, then click on the labels and go explore.


  1. What generates the tag cloud image? Very pretty.

    1. Sorry I can't remember, I created it a while ago and forgot about it. Found it using Google, so how hard can it be? ;-)