Tuesday, 13 January 2015

House Steiner Über Alles: 3 A Couple More Mechs

And as I'm looking through my photo collection what do I stumble upon but a couple more House Steiner mechs.  Who would've thought?  First up is my reposed Victor as I don't like the basic pose the model is supplied in.  This was quite tricky and it broke during painting so I had to rebuild it with stronger pinning.

A Firestarter, gotta love a Firestarter, well at least I love mine, which is a combination of the original Firsestarter sculpt and and the new Dark Ages version with added gubbins for the fuel hoses.

I think, for values of think that is, that House Steiner and four legged mechs goes to together like wine and cheese, tea and biscuits etc.  So one day I will have two platoons of four legged mechs for my House Steiner Battalion.  This Sirocco has been slightly modified to sex up the pose.


  1. Replies
    1. All part of my 4444th Regimental Combat Team. Sirocco from the first platoon, the Firestarter from the third platoon, and the Victor from the fourth platoon.

      Edit: to correct error in OP.

  2. I've always liked the Bliz^WScorpion more than the "big" four-leggers like the Goliath, in spite of the torso bomb problem caused by the heat sink rule change. The low centre of mass just seems to make more sense. I know I shouldn't be thinking that way ("this is madness - this is Battletech").

    1. I have a Scorpion too, and plan to add a couple more, because if one is good, two or three are better. ;-)

      As I get older, and more crochety about such things, I'm liking the low slung four leg mechs more than ever. It just seems like a sensible weapons platform (with qualification for the terms and conditions of sensible, namely not too tall, but just tall enough.


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