Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Pink Panther Battalion: Update


I've posted these pictures before, but not as part of a log of my Pink Panther Battalion and the updated camo scheme that I plan to transition all the models over to in due course (as in as and when I get around to them).  First up Super Griffin custom conversion that I made before I found some nice Bushman gashsapons.

Here is one of the two aforementioned vinyl gashapons.  The Bushman was a light mountain mech in the series Sun of the Fang Dougram and never appeared in the original BattleTech TROs.  Still I like the design esthetic and have another two more models waiting to converted to BattleTech and then be painted up in my signature pink scheme.

Finally, the Atlas from the assault lance. I'm not a big fan of the assault mechs in general, because they're too slow, which means that once you've committed them to the battlefield you're not going to be able to withdraw, in a timely manner, should the battle not go your way.


  1. I usually regard assault 'Mechs as a bit like battleships: they should be able to kill anything except other assault 'Mechs before it can be a threat to them. But there's no doubt in my mind that Battledroids was originally designed around the light-medium-heavy force balance (the fact that "assault" is its own category is a giveaway there), and in many ways assaults just strain the system. (Not to mention they take too long to die, slowing down the game.)

    Nifty figures.

    1. A agree about straining the system, I'd go as far as saying break the game; in as much as the time overhead for resolving a game that has assaults is out of all proportion compared to a game with lights and medium mechs.

    2. Ironically, having just checked my collection, only my House Marik force fulfills the mostly light mechs with some mediums and heavy observation I've just made. My House Steiner force is stereotypically full of heavies and assaults, my House Kurita has lots of heavies and mediums with only four light mechs out of the Company of twelve, and my Pink Panthers are mostly medium mechs.

  2. Replies
    1. No, because my Pink Panthers models are mostly designs from Sun of the Fang Dougram.

  3. Really great job on the camo!

    I always felt Battletech worked best in its original ~3025 incarnation. `Mechs were rare and precious commodities, and hard to repair. I played the game in this era, when FASA was still around. We played the old Mechwarrior RPG 1st ed and use the tabletop rules for our much battles. Those were good times, when things like a Warhammer could scare the beejezus out of everyone!


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