Friday, 5 August 2011

Battletech Interregnum

Like most wargame hobbyists I too fit the stereotype of someone who buys stuff and then doesn't get around to actually doing anything with it, all the time buying new stuff that is shiney, which has caught my attention. I'm currently off work sick, and have as such a lot of time, but very little inclination to do anything, hence the sick part. However, I have dragged myself to the work bench this week and spent sometime texturing bases of trays of infantry figures.

The picture at the top are all the extra figures I need for the Mummerset campaign I'm running. Basically more infantry than I've ever painted for BattleTech. What you can see here are two motorized infantry platoons, followed by two standard foot infantry platoons, and at the rear one platoon of Power Armour and one jump infantry platoons. Oh, the bases to the left are modified MWDA clix flight bases for VTOLs and helicopters.

Texturing infantry bases is not the most interesting task in the world, but suits my limited concentration span, and it is something I can do while listening to a podcast. Not something that I would have thought I would ever find myself doing as I find listening to talking voices on the radio rather distracting, but at the moment as long as it is the right kind of distracting I can listen to a podcast about wargaming.

In particular I've been listening to View from the Veranda and Meeples & Miniatures both are quite fun, though I prefer View from the Veranda more, because the chemistry between Henry Hyde and Neil Shuck just really works. Anyway, those of you who want something to listen to can check these out and make up your own minds.


  1. Some really cool looking stuff there Ashley.

  2. Thank you. This project all started when I bought a load of MechWarrior clix infantry off ebay that led me to now having a separate set of MechWarrior armies in addition to all my BattleTech stuff.

    This project has stuttered and stalled on numerous occasions due to other distractions coming along, but my campaign requires infantry in numbers that I don't have. Hence the need now to paint up three battalions worth.

  3. I am in the process of rebasing lots of infantry and vehicles from the WizKids MW line as well.

    I see you used coins for bases.

    Can you explain me what kind of texturing medium you used?

  4. Kull: First I bed the figures in with standard Milliput, which is a two part epoxy putty that can be smoothed in around the figures and strengthens the joint to the base. Then I brush on some texture material, which is basically paint and sand that then makes the surface of the bases look rough. After this I paint and drybrush etc. Hope that helps?

  5. Agh! I feared you would have mentioned milliput...I thank you very much for the explanation I was hoping something slightly cheaper would have been involved but it's ok, I would just need to secure a quantity of milliput on the cheap, I wish all the best for your Mechwarrior projects, sooner or later I may show you some shots of my own...