Sunday, 14 August 2011

Too Little Time, too Much to do

On this TMP thread there is discussion come poll for how many periods one plays? I tend to think of myself as primarily a Sci-Fi wargamer who does some modern era stuff, but when I sat down and listed all the different miniatures I have I found I 'm spreading myself quite thin...

1. BattleTech is probably my first and foremost commitment. Certainly it is one of the few games where I have miniatures that I bought for the game that are over 20 years old. I have a large lead mountain of unpainted figures in spite of my best efforts.

2. MechWarrior follows, there is no argument that I actually have more stuff for this game, but on the other hand this is not saying much given how was easy as it was to buy all pre-paints after the game folded bought off eBay.

3. 15mm SF. Mostly Traveller and Dr. Who Daleks, which again are mostly over 20 years old by now. However, very few unpainted figures.

4. 6mm OGRE/GEV most of these are again old models from the first time around and are again a minimum of 20 years old in most cases. Have a shoebox full of unopened blisters and another box with unpacked models that have been sorted into company's etc waiting paint to be applied.

5. Spaceships, a motley collection of older stuff with a few more modern additions to fill out the fleet. Mostly languishing unloved and unplayed with for some time now. I also have a box of unpainted models to add to my lead mountain.

6. 15mm AK47R. One of new additions since I got back into wargaming again, more unpainted than painted, but that pretty much goes without saying, and is equally true of my unpainted BattleTech miniatures. About half based, while the other half form a small mountain of lead.

7. 10mm WW1 late war Western Front. Another new period brought on by buying Through the Mud and the Blood from TooFat Lardies. Still mostly unpainted, though largely all the figures are based.

8. 10mm Spanish Civil War. Lead mountain awaiting some TLC.

9. 10mm VietNam. Another lead mountain awaiting attention.

Well that is a lot more periods and scales than I would have given myself credit for being involved with. No wonder I don't get any thing finished.


  1. That's a very modest list in reality. I commend you for your self restraint!

  2. Yes that is a short list for a wargamer, off the top of my head mine would be 3 or 4 times that length.

    As far as finishing something, it is relativly easy, you just need to want to do it. I'd pick say no 7 on your list. Theyre all based up, do a black undercoat on them, wet brush the Brits with some Khaki, wet brush the filthy hun in some Field Grey. Try out the rules. Add such fripperies as faces and weapons between games.

    Nothing motivates better than improving the look of a game, and nothing is more depressing than spending weeks and months preparing for a so far unplayed game.

    My tuppence worth.

  3. @Trebian: Why thank you kind sir.

    @GordonY: Very good suggestion indeed and one I do follow with my BattleTech stuff as there has been an awful lot of partly painted stuff being played with as the campaign requires it.

  4. Pink, what's a good site on AK-47r? Also, is it mostly skirmish? I'm looking for a good microarmor ruleset to do 'Cold War Hot' ca. 1988.

  5. While I'm not her, Murph over at does a lot of AK-47 Republic stuff. It's not a micro-armor ruleset, however.

  6. Righty-o. I had the impression that was a brushfire war skirmish game. I'd still like to check it out tho.


  7. @ Anthony Emmel: AK47R is a small company level game with three to five bases per platoon with up four to five platoons per side that is fun to play.

    One can also use B'Maso from TooFat Lardies to play African wars, which is also at about the same level of conflict, but has an entirely different feel to the game.

    AS for sites I think there are links at the Peter Pig site who publish the rules and make a range of figures for their game.

  8. I agree Ashley I have significant more unpainted lead than painted and it so many scales and periods. For the past couple of years I have not bought ane new figures but at the weekend gave in to Dystopian Wars the models are fantastic ane it looks to be fun.

    My plan is to be in just 2 scales 15mm and 6mm for everying other than Naval.