Monday, 14 May 2018

All Three of Tachikoma's CASE-2X Dogs

Here, at long last, is a shot of all three of the CASE-2X Dogs I've made to represent the variants that my heroine, Lara Atsuka Tachikoma, uses in my Gate Walker trilogy.

From left-to-right: The first when she was a sergeant in Bad Dog, riding inside a CASE-2X-Mod 2; the second in her Strike Dog officer combat armour CASE-2XC; and finally, "loaded for bear," in Ghost Dog in her CASE-2XC-Mod 2.

And, if you've read Bad Dog, and feel like doing so, I would like to point out that my novel is eligible for this years Dragon Awards.



  1. Are they also in order of construction (by you in the real world) from L to R? I prefer the most recent one most. Thanks for the link and I'll take a look. Also, I realize that there's probably a 99% chance you already know about this but just in case the new Ogre minis kickstarter is on.

    1. Not quite, and I made four. The first became Kowalski's Dog. The middle one came next, then the one on the left, and finally the "super-veritech" ;-) version is the latest iteration.


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