Thursday 10 May 2018

Panzer Jäger Mark One – PJM1-M1

Work in Progress: four innocent Sheridan and one AMX Takara tank models went into the making of this pile of parts.

I have a plan, given I made models for the combat armour suits in my novels, it stands to reason I will want to make a cybertank.

I want to get the idea across that my cybertanks are different from the one in Ogre/GEV universe. I presented a sketch here. The inspiration behind the design comes from the Soviet Obyekt 279, which I talked about here. All I've got to do now is put in the hours to turn a pile of parts into a representation of a Panzer Jäger Mark One.

How hard can it be?

Judging by all the pieces I've I've turned my donor models into, harder than I'd like. I've just moved onto the Miliput is my special friend when building up a tank hull's phase. I may be a while.


  1. Very interesting design. Are the support "legs" of the track units flexible to adjust height and accommodate rough terrain? Very much looking forward to the result.

    1. Yes, but whether I can make the ones on the model move is yet to be seen. Thinking about the joints at the moment.

    2. RC mode lets use small ball joints for steering and control linkage, I've used them a couple times on models over the years. They might provide a possibility for joints for the legs.

    3. That was supposed to be "RC modelers", I shouldn't post with my phone.

    4. Don't worry I got the gist.

  2. I look forward to seeing how this progresses.



  3. Looking forward to seeing the final product as well. If you need more parts for future variants, some of the Hg Peace River strikers and Gear Krieg walkers might be a good source of you find them at a discount.