Friday, 11 May 2018

Arrowhead Miniatures


I ordered this Renault FT17 and accessory pack yesterday. It arrived today. Colour me impressed. Beautiful castings too.

Purpose of said purchase I hear you ask?

If truth be told, this is to be made up for size comparison shots with my mecha, because I like to keep things in perspective. The one thing that bugs me is the distortions made to vehicles for wargaming. It's my bugbear, I carry it with pride.

And just look at how cute the model is. Also, the accessory pack shows that in my heart I'm as much a wargame modeller as wargamer.


  1. Cute. Actually I've always had a soft spot for FT17 and it's one of my favourites at the Tank Museum in Bovington.

    1. While the British tanks were the first of a new breed of weapons, the Renault was the first "modern" tank, in that it had had a turret mounted main weapon.

  2. Good idea. Miniature Wargames years ago (under Iain Dickie) used to do the same thing to good effect to get a sense of distance, with a larger scale in front and 6mm in the background.

    1. And I want the ability to compare the size of things in relation to each other too.

  3. I have a thing for the FT17, too! I have some in 1/87 from Wespe Models in Romania, but 1/144 is REALLY tiny.


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