Thursday 17 March 2016

Pan European Federation: 7e Brigade Blindée (BB 7)

I'm renaming my French Pan European Federation 7th Demi Brigade Légion Etrangère to 7e Brigade Blindée, "Force et Audace" (in English 7th Armoured Division motto Strength & Daring), because a Legion force is primarily infantry that are deployed to former French colonies, and I want to field an armoured formation.  So I've based my organization on the current 7e Brigade Blindée strength, but I added a squadron of Hussars to the command, which means the brigade will be made up from the following regiments:

1er Régiment de Chasseurs (1er RCh)

Doppelsoldner and Fencer from the 1st Battalion.  One more Fencer to be assembled and painted.

A Mark 3 from the 2nd Battalion.  The rest of battalion has yet to be assembled and painted.

The cybertanks will be organized into two Battalions of three Ogres, with each Ogre counting as a Squadron.  The 1st Battalion will have one Doppelsoldner two Fencers, and the latter can be fielded as either the A or B model.  The 2nd Battalion will have one Huscarl Mark 5 variant and two Mark 3s.

4e Régiment de Dragons (4e RD)

Four Squadrons of three Troops: Two squadrons of 12 x Heavy tanks, one squadron of 12 x Light tanks, and one squadron of 6 x Super heavy tanks (one troop from each squadron shown, I have a number of models waiting to be painted).

4e Groupe d'escadrons de hussards (4e GEH)

Four Squadrons of three Troops each consisting of: 12 x GEVs, 3 x GEV-PCs and 3 x infantry platoons (this is one of two squadrons I have painted, with two more waiting to be painted in due course).

35e Régiment d'Infanterie (35e RI)
Four Companies each consisting of: three infantry platoons, two GEV trucks and four LGEVs.
152e Régiment d'Infanterie (152e RI)
Four Companies each consisting of: three infantry platoons, two trucks and three Light tanks.
8e Régiment d'Artillerie (8e RA)

Two Batteries of five Mobile howitzers (the other battery still waiting  to be painted).
 1er Régiment d'Artillerie (1er RA)
Four Batteries of five Missile tanks (only two batteries shown as rest need painting).
54e Régiment d'Artillerie (54e RA)

One Battery of five Howitzers and one Battery of five Cruise Missiles.
Apart from the nominal inclusion of a command post support formations are not needed for most Ogre/GEV scenarios, but I have models to represent logistics support (trucks) and air defense assets (laser turret/towers) that the Ogre/GEV rule set supports for the following formations:
19e Régiment du Génie (19e RG) (engineers and recovery vehicles).
7e Compagnie de Commandement et de Transmissions (7e CCT) (signals).
Batterie de renseignement de brigade (BRB 7) (intelligence).

 Finally, I will put my spare Ogre into a recon regiment.

Escadron d'éclairage et d'investigation de la 7e Brigade blindée (EEI 7) "The eyes of the general"

One Mark 2 Ogre for light recon work.
Nomenclature: Troops = Platoon, Squadrons = Companies


  1. Very nice work and I really like the fact that you're using a current OOB :)

    1. The way I see it, the Ogreverse is not that far into the future now and I want a veneer of plausibility, which I think having ORBATs based on current formations does. My NAC force is again based on current American practice.

  2. I like the camo scheme on these a lot, and I especially like how the Mark 2 Ogre, with those two tower thingies, looks endearingly like a snail. It's hard to imagine if these ideas of the future tank are plausible, but in general tank design seems to be getting bigger and bigger (eg, the Russian Armata) so maybe. Lovely work Ashley.

    1. I think the designs of the cybertanks have a certain charm but are in no way indicative of what real cyber AFV designs will look like. Their appeal is old school what the future will look like and have after 35 years become iconic designs.

  3. I got interested, so I looked it up. "blindée" means "armoured", of course, but ultimately it traces back to the German blinde, which were the pieces of wood used for cover or protection - it's the same root as "blend". So a mixed or stealthy unit might also use that particular adjective…

    (I've just been making goatburgers so I'm probably a little light-headed.)

    I agree that the Ogres are iconic, and the missile tanks aren't bad, but the HVYs and SHVYs seem very 1970s-1980s, full of shot traps and radar-reflective planes.

  4. And I want to thank you publicly for the generous gift that has expanded my Ogre miniatures reserve. More I tell you, more minis!

    1. Welcome! They've only been sitting taking up space at my place.

      (Having to "prove I'm not a robot" seems frankly perverse with a subject like this.)

    2. I welcome our Robot Overlords...