Wednesday, 2 March 2016

More Archery

Look at the concentration, but my elbow is only just high enough and fingers are not under my jaw line.  So much to have to remember.

Back here I first talked about starting archery.  Having now finished my beginners course, I have advanced to the intermediate course, which is far more informal but still involves my coach Sailesh coming around and making comments about my form: as in my posture as I pull and release the bow.

Still, I know I've improved because I this week I was able to consistently hit the target at 40 yards.

We've also signed up for the May second St.Georges day shoot, so I need to practice my form and work towards upping my poundage.  When I started in November I was pulling 14 pounds.  I went up to 16 just after Xmas and this week I was pulling 18 pounds.  All done by adjusting the limbs on my bow by a process called tillering.

NB: You can see one end of six arrows I shot here.


  1. To the greenwood, Robin. Sorry remembering my childhood TV shows.

    1. Robin Hood, Robin Hood and her Merry Men, robs from the rich, gives to the poor, Robin Hood, Robin Hood...

  2. Good stance...before you know it you'll be hitting consistently at 60 yards or higher.

    1. Thank you for the kind comment. I try, but some just say I'm trying.

  3. Great to see you making progress. Getting the elbow up will come with time, as it's very counter intuitive, but allows the shoulder and back muscles to really get going. I hook the semi-circle formed by my thumb and index finger under the back of my jaw as the best way for me to attempt conistency in my draw, but hard to remember to do it! keep going and glad you are having fun:).

    1. Thanks for the tip I'll try it out.


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