Saturday, 5 March 2016

40 Megapixels Quick Test Shot

E-M5 Mark II, Hi-Res mode 9216 x 6912, ARGB, with M.Zuiko 60mm F2.8. Auto WB, Auto exposure, ISO 1600, 1/5th of a second at F4.  RAW 100mb image processed using SilkyPix version This is a 2939 x 3083 TIFF cropped down to make a 1050 x 1102 JPEG.

As you all may have read I have a new camera.  If you haven't, and this news comes as a surprise, then click here.

I had been dipping in and out of Darrel Young & James Johnson's book Mastering the Olympus Olympus OMD E-M5 Mark II for a about a week after getting my new camera.  The book isn't what you call light reading, but made myself I sit down and read it from cover-to-cover, though I will freely admit I skipped parts that were of little interest to me for example, film, art effects and scene's.  I placed a number of Post It tags and even labelled them for later quick access.

So, after a morning spent in bed reading, with both the book and my camera next to me at hand to run through the instructions I set my camera with all my settings as MySet 1.  After that I programmed the Mode dial so the Art setting now turns on the Hi-Res mode as MySet 2, which felt awesome.  Needless to say by the time I had finished setting up all the menus the battery needed recharging.

Then I befuddled myself by changing my mind and turned off the Hi-res mode, and it's not exactly intuitive that you have to go back into the menu and turn it on again when it seems to show it is set to on, but is actually off.  After a couple of days of anxiety fretting what I had done to my new camera, fears of having bricked the Hi-res mode, I re-read the manual and was able to switch the Hi-res mode back on.

Next I will be doing a shoot off to compare my E-M5 Mark II against my old DMC GF-1.

TL;DR:  The image was taken under a 60 watt bulb with the lens opened up and a really slow shutter speed.  The big thing is the larger file size means a bigger image.


  1. A 100mb image... I think that might make my old PC squeal as well! Did you have to upgrade your backend computer hardware and software to handle what the new camera is capable of outputting?

    1. No not yet but the writing is on the wall. I run an old Mac Mini 2.1 Intel Core Duo 1.83ghz with 2gb of memory. We shall see what happens when I start stacking 40 megapixel TIFF files.

    2. Just confirmed I can upgrade to Lion 10.7, which means I will be able to run the Olympus software that should make doing focus stacks a little easier.

  2. My current PC laptop has 4gb of memory with a dual core processor (but admittedly no dedicated graphics card) and it chugged when I downloaded a large 100mb+ Hubble Telescope image for my X-wing custom playmat (they didn't have 3rd party ones at the time). My setup is certainly not a powerhouse so I hope your experience is a bit smoother!

    1. So far my little Mac mini is the computer that can, in that it has managed to process 100mb image files. Whether it can manage to stack multiple 100mb images has yet to be tested. Three is all I need for a stack so we shall see.

  3. Now that is nice work. I keep thinking I should do a mecha game.

    1. Might be worth trying out Heavy Gear as it has both a tabletop game and an RPG.


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