Thursday 24 March 2016

On My Workbench

I've been chilling out today or chillaxing as the kids like to say.  I needed to unwind from work and have been messing around with my new camera, taking some shots.  In the process of poking around the menus I found that the latest Olympus firmware upgrade to version 2.2 had added focus bracketing.

It's not mentioned in the official manual or the after market manual so I had to play with it and take a bunch of shots, most of which I threw away, as one does when one is testing out a new feature, but below is a a 18 picture focus stack compiled from 25 automatically taken pictures (I processed the stack using all 25 images but decided that I wanted more of the background to be out of focus and removed seven images).

Click to see bigger image and admire the depth of field: nine inches front to back in focus.

As I've said already my OMD E-M5 Mark II is a computer that takes pictures.  Also, while this new feature is a fantastic addition it's not fully integrated into the operating system: as in I can't choose it and set the camera's self-timer or more importantly use it in hi-res mode.  Hopefully Olympus will rectify this shortcoming in future firmware updates.


  1. Some drool worthy stuff there Pink.

  2. Not sure if I'm more jealous of the 'mechs / gears or the amount of wine you put away for that cork collection.

    1. Sadly that's only a small part of our cork collection. A friend who knows us far too well bought us a membership for The Wine Society; wine will be drunk.

    2. Great work Ashley and I just wish my pics were as nice as yours.

    3. I do have some things going for me in my favour: a state of the art camera, a class leading macro lens, and doing three of a four year degree in photography and film studies back in the day, as in when I was young. But like most things in life one doesn't start out being able to do anything and one to learn by making mistakes. What I'm really good at is making mistakes and then slowly improving as I learn.