Sunday 20 March 2016

Deluxe Ogre & GEV


I've sold my Lumix DMC GF-1 to my friend Roger who then turned around and surprised me by giving me these two deluxe set of Ogre and GEV.  I was gob smacked as in bowled over by his present.  It was exciting to open up the boxes and check out the original circa 2000 castings of the super heavy tanks that have minor differences to the later production runs.  The infantry in both sets are very welcome too, because while one can still get then from Steve Jackson Games the prices are beyond my current means.  And of course I now have another Mark 3 Ogre and two more metal command posts, which I think are nicer than the later resin versions because the details are clearer.

So expect to see more Ogre/GEV miniature goodness soon.


  1. Wow, that's a tremendous pickup! Looking forward to seeing them painted.

  2. That's a great score! More metal for the painting pile.

    1. It is and so unexpected as I hadn't imagined I would be getting any more miniatures, given the price they go for nowadays.

  3. I have those too - unopened so far