Tuesday, 14 April 2015

CASE-2X Dogs Conversions

Two more Dream Pod 9 conversions of Heavy Gear Jagers to make CASE-2X combat armour suits for my Highlanders 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Company.  The one on the left is a maxed out version with a heavy missile pack, and carrying a Browning .50 cal in its right hand.  The suit on the right is my new version of my heroes suit, which is stripped down for manoeuvrability.

I showed two combat armour conversions here, and I was asked to show what these looked like from the rear.

Hopefully this will clarify what I've done with these conversions to turn iconic Heavy Gears into Bad Dog universe combat armour.  Finally a group hug shot of my evolving squad.

From left to right we have three of the four combat armour suits from the Highlanders 4th Platoon Alpha Squad; organized as two fire teams of two, so I need to make up another Dog with a light missile pack and 20 mm auto-cannon.  On the right is the basic combat load on a squad leader combat armour suit.  You can see the platoon leader combat armour suit here.

I'm just finishing off work on another two combat armour suits for the characters in Strike Dog and Ghost Dog, the two sequels to Bad Dog.  I will hopefully be able to post pictures of them next week.  As always any comments or criticisms are highly welcomed, and feel free to ask questions too.


  1. Very nice indeed - love the dynamic poses too

    1. Thank you. They were an awful lot of work, and one of the next one's I'm working on I never have to want to make again. Fortunately I won't need to, as I only need one of Air Force combat armour suits.

  2. Almost makes me want to go out and buy some.

    1. My work here is done. Have you seen the Dream Pod 9 KickStarter? I think you can email Robert Dupois and ask to be put on the list [rdubois(at)dp9(dot)com]. It's a good deal. Failing that email me and send me the money and I'll add to my pledge. Closing date 30.04.15.

  3. For the hero suit on the right in the group pic, did you convert that rifle with the underslung secondary weapon or is that one of the black talon bits (they tend to have lots of dual weapons)? Looks good in any case. Thanks for the backside pic of the engines. I like how they look there. The only thing that I'd possibly suggest (which may be admittedly more trouble than it's worth) is to put some tiny bit or even just a tiny piece of plasticard to disrupt the entirely flat surface of the previously bottom/now top part of the engine.

    1. Thank you for commenting. The rifle is a conversion, which is starting to become a PITA, because I have already made four, and still have another four to make. The top of the engines/back packs are not completely plain, having a couple f nubs that give a little bit of relief. To be honest I think they look OK as is.


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